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New KF Expansion

Published on Saturday 16 November 2019 23:47:46

On november 8th the third expansion of Keyforge was born and with it two new houses: Saurian e Star Alliance!

Saurian and Star Alliance are the houses that in this third expansion replace the already known Sanctum and Mars houses, introducing new statuses: Ward, Rage ed Exalt.

In the past few days I created new tokens capable of representing the first two concepts while for the last one the player has just to place an aember on the exalted creature; moreover, I modified the buckets top decoration including the symbols of the new houses, and created a generic +1 token you can put on your creatures and artifacts.

Ready, Set... Go!

Published on Sunday 29 September 2019 22:24:34

The big day has come! After weeks of preparations and programming, this site is finished and the X-Nerd creations can finally be part of your equipment during the gaming sessions you want to face!

The first game I decided to support is Keyforge, a card game that most of you will know by fame or because you are already, like me and my friends, an Archon of the Crucible!

Not we all bought the starter set, literally impossible to find at the launch of the game. Moreover, the original cardboard tokens didn't convince me very much, so... in the past few months I have designed and created some objects to support my matches. Now I'm proud to present them to you as well: buckets, deck cases, tokens, keys, chain trackers and ambers... you can find these creations in the "Creations" page!

Please, let me know what you think about them, if you like them or if I should make some variants that will better meet your tastes. Some of my creations are already in the hands of friends of mine you've probably met at the latest Vault Tour or national Keyforge tournaments held in Emilia Romagna so who knows if you've already seen my creations in action!

That's all for now, thank you for your time... now I go back to creating!

Share your game experiences!

Do you have funny anecdotes, photos or videos that you want to share with us? Did you take part in a tournament or did you spend a funny evening with your friends playing cards, board games or role playing? I would be very grateful if you wanted to show everyone how my creations accompany your best plays... or your worst ones!

Remember that with great creations comes great responsibility!