Frequent asked questions

1. I don't see the "Add to Cart" button... can I buy from this site?

Unfortunately not!

This is not an e-commerce site, but only a showcase of ideas and creations made for hobby and with passion. I do not have the means and resources to make large-scale products, but you can find all the creations that I make (on my own initiative or at your request) on my Etsy page. Please, visit it regularly!

2. What should I've to do to receive one of the creations I see on the site?

You can consult my Etsy page and check if the creation you are looking for is already available or send me an ad hoc creation request using the form you can find in the "Contacts" page.

You will receive an email containing the direct link to the Etsy page of the created object.

3. Why should I choose one of your creations?

I am not a company, but I create each model with passion and dedication!

I put originality and quality into every creation I make and, more importantly, I have the possibility to customize each one to meet your tastes (something that a large-scale production cannot guarantee).

4. Where can I find out infos about the purchasing and shipping process?

If you are interested in any creation go to my Etsy page to get more information.

5. I have a problem with one of your creations. What do I do?

I pay the utmost attention to detail to each model during the creation and post-production process, but it can happen that something goes wrong sometimes!

If you find imperfections or have any problems let me know, I will help you to solve them. However remember that every creation is handcrafted, it's printed in 3D (I mainly use PLA) and assembled by gluing several parts together.
I am not telling you to protect it under a glass dome and keep it on the top shelf you have, but don't make it fall to the ground or trow against a wall... it does not have the resistance as Captain America's shield! You should know that PLA does not like high temperatures while the glue suffers vibrations and shocks!

6. I would like you to realize my idea or personalization...

Send me your request using the form you find in the "Contacts" page, trying to be as clear as possible, but don't worry... I will contact you via email if I need further explanations.

7. How can i reach the privacy, cookies and credits page?

Don't worry! Here you can find the page you're looking for.